'ALL ' Fall SSCC E-Learning Courses

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Course Item # ALL Fall
E-Learning Class Titles
Instructor Info
ACCT&201 9835.70 Principles of Accounting I Haris Mujahid Fully Online
ACCT&202 0766.77 Principles of Accounting II Haris Mujahid Hybrid
AHE 168 9960.70 Medical Terminology Sharyn Haran Fully Online
ART 170 0015.77 Photography as an Art Randy Nelson Hybrid
ART 210 0026.77 Digital and Graphic Art David Sokal Hybrid
ART 210 9810.70 Digital and Graphic Art Caroline Kapp Fully Online
ART 214 9811.70 Digital Art - Intermediate Caroline Kapp Fully Online
ART 214 0028.77 Digital Art - Intermediate David Sokal Hybrid
ART 215 9812.70 Digital Art - Advanced Caroline Kapp Fully Online
ART 215 0029.77 Digital Art - Advanced David Sokal Hybrid
ART 299 0030.77 Special Problems in Art David Sokal Hybrid
ART 299 9813.70 Special Problems in Art Caroline Kapp Fully Online
ART 299 0016.77 Special Problems in Art Randy Nelson Hybrid
ASTR&100 9814.70 Survey of Astronomy Linda Khandro Fully Online
BIOL&100 9815.70 Survey of Biology Ruben Murcia Fully Online
BIOL&160 0310.77 GENERAL BIOLOGY W/LAB Jennifer Greene Hybrid
BIOL&241 0628.77 Human Anat. & Phys I Carey Schroyer Hybrid
BIOL&242 0631.77 Human Anat. & Phys II James Wilkinson Hybrid
BUS 106 9908.70 KEYBOARDING/SKILLBUILD Johnnie Mobley Fully Online
BUS 169 9965.70 Using Computers in Business I Sharyn Haran Fully Online
BUS 177 9902.70 Spreadsheets Richard Peterson Fully Online
BUS&201 9826.70 Business Law Kevin Rainge Fully Online
BUS&201 0767.77 Business Law David Krull Hybrid
CHEM&139 9840.70 General Chemistry Prep Jacob Ashcraft Fully Online
CMST&101 9819.70 Introduction To Communication Rebecca McCarthy Fully Online
CMST&101 0191.77 Introduction To Communication Jan Oehlschlaeger Hybrid
CMST&220 0196.77 Public Speaking Dante Quinine Hybrid
CMST&220 0195.77 Public Speaking Dante Quinine Hybrid
CSC 100 9900.70 Beginning Computers TBA Fully Online
CSC 110 6102.77 Intro to Comp Prog John Toutonghi Hybrid
CSC 110 6101.77 Intro to Computer Programming Ravi Gandham Hybrid
CSC 142 6107.77 Computer Programming Ravi Gandham Hybrid
CSC 143 9832.70 Comp Programming II Ravi Gandham Fully Online
CTN 120 9905.70 Databases I Richard Peterson Fully Online
CTN 131 9910.70 Intro to Comp Programming Jimmy Kim Fully Online
CTN 295 9940.70 Help Desk/Resrch/Cust Serv TBA Fully Online
ECON&201 0467.77 Micro Economics Larry Angel Hybrid
ECON&201 9854.70 Micro Economics Larry Angel Fully Online
ECON&202 9855.70 Macro Economics Larry Angel Fully Online
ECON&202 0468.77 Macro Economics Larry Angel Hybrid
ENGL 097 0850.77 ENGL 097: IRW I Paige Talbot Hybrid
ENGL 098 0852.77 Reading and Writing II Paige Talbot Hybrid
ENGL 098 0846.77 Reading and Writing II Tish Lopez Hybrid
ENGL 099 0821.77 Support for Engl&101-Perm. Req'd Stephanie Hankinson Hybrid
ENGL 099 0823.77 Support for Engl&101-Perm. Req'd Kathy Whitham Hybrid
ENGL 099 0853.77 Support for Engl&101-Perm. Req'd Paige Talbot Hybrid
ENGL 101 0854.77 Composition I Paige Talbot Hybrid
ENGL 107 9823.70 Applied Composition Caitlin Carle Fully Online
ENGL&101 0057.77 English Composition I Kathy Whitham Hybrid
ENGL&101 9836.70 English Composition I Rebecca McCarthy Fully Online
ENGL&101 9891.70 English Composition I Kathy Whitham Fully Online
ENGL&101 9829.70 English Composition I Tim Walsh Fully Online
ENGL&101 0053.77 English Composition I Stephanie Hankinson Hybrid
ENGL&102 9830.70 & 9831.70 English Composition II Tom Gibbons Fully Online
ENGL&235 9837.70 Technical Writing Tish Lopez Fully Online
GEOL 106 9843.70 DINOSAURS Tom Braziunas Fully Online
HEA 160 9845.70 Hum Wellness & Fitness Janet Hinson Fully Online
HIST&214 0635.77 Pacific Northwest History Dan Bush Hybrid
HUM 120 9848.70 Intro to Asian Cinema Kathy Whitham Fully Online
INFO 102 9818.70 Info In Action/Research Randy Nelson Fully Online
INFO 105 9822.70 Info in Action - Scholarly Information Esther Sunde Fully Online
INFO 106 9820.70 Info in Action - Web Research Pamela Wilkins Fully Online
MATH 094 9887.70 Intro/Inter Algebra I Kim Llewelyn Fully Online
MATH 095 9888.70 Intro/Inter Algebra II Kim Llewelyn Fully Online
MATH 102 9884.70 College Algebra Natalie Simmons Fully Online
MATH 116 9885.70 Appl of Math to ML&SCCI Kim Llewelyn Fully Online
MATH&131 9877.70 & 9889.70 Math for Elementary Ed I Frank Post Fully Online
MATH&132 9899.70 Math for Elementary Ed II Frank Post Fully Online
MATH&141 9866.70 Pre-Calculus I Frank Post Fully Online
MATH&142 9876.70 Pre-Calculus II Jian Zou Fully Online
MATH&146 9828.70 Introduction to Stats Ryan Dorman Fully Online
MATH&146 9801.70 Introduction to Stats Frank Post Fully Online
MATH&148 9886.70 Business Calculus Jian Zou Fully Online
MUSC 109 0139.77 WORLD MUSIC:TRAD & POP Tina Beveridge Hybrid
NUTR&101 9878.70 Human Nutrition Katy Levenhagen Fully Online
NUTR&101 9879.70 Human Nutrition Janet Kapp Fully Online
PHIL 110 9895.70 Intro to Social Ethics Todd Trembley Fully Online
PSYC 240 9893.70 Psy of Hum Relations Analea Brauburger Fully Online
PSYC 245 0562.77 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Kali Kuwada Hybrid
PSYC&100 0553.77 General Psychology Stephen Coates-White Hybrid
PSYC&100 9897.70 & 9898.70 General Psychology Astrid Larsen Fully Online
PSYC&100 9892.70 General Psychology Analea Brauburger Fully Online
PSYC&200 9849.70 Lifespan Psychology Kali Kuwada Fully Online
PSYC&200 0560.77 Lifespan Psychology Astrid Larsen Hybrid
SOC 245 0564.77 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Kali Kuwada Hybrid
UGR 294 0725.77 Independent Res Jake Ashcraft Hybrid
WIN 141 4291.70 WINE MARKETING AND SALES Jane Rockhold Fully Online
WIN 143 4283.70 WINE BUS.- DISTRIBUTION Jane Rockhold Fully Online

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